Giro Rosa - Foto F.OSSOLA (3)

The Royal Palace in Monza has been the location of the official 2018 presentation of the Giro d’Italia Internazionale Femminile WWT – Giro Rosa (6th – 15th July) this morning. With numerous authorities, the stage committees, the teams and the President of the Italian Cycling Federation Renato Di Rocco, the National Elite Women Coach Edoardo Salvoldi.

Giuseppe Rivolta, President of 4 Erre ASD and historical race Director, welcomed the participants: “The honour to organize the Giro Rosa grows year by year. We have improved and we want to continue, to inrease the quality of our race, known as the most important and prestigious race in the UCI Women’s calendar.”

The route has then been shown: the race will start in Verbania, Piedmont, with a Team Time Trial and it remains in the same Region with a hilly Stage 2 in Ovada. The sprinters will fight in Corbetta with the Stage 3, long and flat. The following day is planned at Giorgia Bronzini’s hometown Piacenza, around the city, between the hills and the Countryside. The Stage 5 in Omegna (on the Lake Orta) will be tougher, climbing the Vergante hills, and the first mountains arrive on the next day: from Sovico, in Brianza, to Gerola Alta, uphill finish in Valtellina at 1050 m, after being along the Eastern Coast of the Como Lake. It is just the start, because the race stays near Sondrio for a Uphill Individual Time Trial from Lanzada (1000 m) to the Campo Moro Dam (2000 m, highest point of the whole Giro), in Valmalenco. A long transfer to Veneto for the Stage 8 in Breganze, between Vicenza and Asiago, on the Rosina Circuit above Marostica, for attackers. The final two days in Friuli will bring the Giro to the Legend: the Zoncolan will be climbed on its west side, from Ovaro. The slopes until 22% will put the athletes in the history of the sport and the Queen of the 29th edition will be crowned the following day, Sunday 15th July, in Cividale del Friuli.

The big emotions at the Royal Palace have not finished: the Jerseys of the Giro Rosa are presented, and the Maglia Rosa has been weared by Claudia Cretti, acclaimed with a moving Standing Ovation by the crowd. “You have emotioned me” – so said Giuseppe Rivolta to thank the Valcar-PBM athlete.

Davide Cassani and Edoardo Salvoldi commented: “The climbs in a big Tour are very important and the climbers have been a special role thinking about the next World Championships in Innsbruck, which are extremely hard. The Giro will be on mythical and very tough climbs and its athletes will enter in the legend of cycling.

THE 29° GIRO ROSA STAGES (6th – 15th July):

1. Verbania – Verbania 15,500 km (Team Time Trial)
2. Ovada – Ovada 120,390 km
3. Corbetta – Corbetta 132 km
4. Piacenza – Piacenza 109 km
5. Omegna – Omegna 117,700 km
6. Sovico – Gerola Alta 114,100 km
7. Lanzada – Diga di Campo Moro 15 km (Uphill Individual Time Trial)
8. San Giorgio di Perlena (Fara Vicentino) – Breganze 121,600 km
9. Tricesimo – Monte Zoncolan 104,700 km
10. Cividale del Friuli – Cividale del Friuli 120,300 km


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